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GPS Shielding: Why should you care?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

STOP introduced shielding technology because we listened to our customers’ comments … and we listened to what offenders were saying. If offenders can search the Internet and find information on how to prevent their location from being known, agencies should care.

GPS shielding is new technology. No other company provides it except STOP. With new technology there are categories of adopters: early adopters, majority and laggards. Many agencies were early adopters. They believe offenders are working against their supervision. The early-adopter agencies actively respond to the alerts and correct the behavior. They see the value of having the information the alert provides.

Others are in the majority. They take a more measured response. They see value in the alerts, but don’t have a formalized protocol. They confront the offender after numerous alerts. And finally, a couple of agencies are laggards. They see the alert as just another issue to deal with and an increase in the agents’ workload.

This alert, however, is different than others, like message gap, which occurs due to environmental conditions beyond the control of the agency, STOP or the offender. The shielding alert is the direct result of offender actions. STOP has done extensive testing to almost eliminate false alerts. There is still possibility of a false alert, however, a slight possibility. But all alerts have the possibility of a false reading. There are few guarantees with advanced technology. We constantly analyze alert data and tweak the technology when we find ways to improve it. We also provide certifications on all alerts, including GPS shielding, that can be used in administrative hearings and court proceedings.

Don’t be a laggard. Let us help you understand the technology and how it improves your monitoring program and public safety.