Needed immediately: review and evaluation of criminal justice system

The time has come for all aspects of the criminal justice system to be reviewed and reevaluated. The United States simply can’t afford to continue warehousing criminals. Each offender should be evaluated for appropriate placement based on criminal history, psychological state, support structure and available resources. However, the lack of available resources shouldn’t be an additional punishment to those needing them. It should be the obligation of our government to provide options to courts and supervision agencies to reintegrate an offender back into society. I am not delusional in thinking all offenders can be rehabilitated. There are some offenders who should be offered the most stringent punishment available for their crimes.

As researchers continue to study and evaluate alternatives to incarceration, more agencies need to take that next step and put those findings into practice. How can STOP help with these next steps? What can we do to help integrate supervision strategies into everyday agency activities? Let’s start that discussion now.

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