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GPS Shielding Detection Revisited

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about our GPS Shielding detection capability with BluTag, so I thought I’d revisit it.

When BluTag’s ability to detect an enrollee’s deliberate attempt to"shield, or block, the GPS signal was first introduced, many agencies felt it was just another alert. This may have been a premature reaction to an important event that needs closer scrutiny. Now many of those early detractors are the biggest supporter of this valuable tool.

Overall, the number of enrollees who have a Shielding event is less than 2 percent. However, the event occurs multiple times for those enrollees, which shows a pattern the supervising officer should investigate.

Since STOP is the only vendor that was proactive in providing this information to our customers, we are on the forefront of addressing this issue and preventing the manipulation of GPS technology. Some agencies have used this event to remand an enrollee into custody, charge them with a new crime or further restrict his activities as a progressive sanction.

If you already use BluTag, talk to your account manager about best practices for reviewing Shielding events so appropriate action can be taken. If you aren’t a current customer and want this functionality, contact me and we’ll talk.

Catching just one enrollee interfering with BluTag’s ability to receive GPS signals may send a bigger message to your agency’s enrollee population about your drive to better protect the community, while providing proper supervision of their activities.