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BLU That means something?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

As many of you know, B-L-U are the first three letters of almost all of our hardware products. We have BLUtag for GPS tracking, BLUband for RF house arrest devices, BLUscan for our mobile monitoring unit, BLUhome for our home monitoring unit, BLUbox for our GPS home accessory unit and BLU+, an awesome new product coming out in 2012.

I ve been asked for many years if BLU stood for anything. Well, here"s the story. Back around the turn of the 21st century, our current Vice President of Engineering was developing the original one-piece GPS tracking device for a United Kingdom project across the pond, GPS tracking and RF devices are called tags. Throughout the development process of the device, people called it The Blue Tag since the case color was blue. Once the device was ready to launch, no one wanted to change the name. So the decision was made to change it to an acronym and drop the in blue. So, BLUtag and the Best Location Unit was created.

In 2012, STOP has begun reinforcing this branding. You will see our device names change in print to reflect the capital B-L-U and further announcements of Best Location Units. While some may feel this is quite a boast, I welcome the opportunity to prove to any agency we can provide the BEST units available. And the service is pretty amazing as well.

Look for further communications about BLU and our new products in the coming months. And I hope you enjoy the pictures of early case iterations for “The Blue Tag.”

Early BLUtag designs

BLUtag today